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Elites Must Control Thought

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"If ideological competition operated in the area of network news, academia, or other parts of the communication and education domains, then half of the colleges would be overtly conservative, and most of the big newspapers and magazines would be conservative, and Hollywood would produce lots of films that exalt the values we share. In fact, it is not Adam Smith's supply and demand or Milton Friedman's free markets which hold sway in these fields as much as Lenin's "party line" and Orwell's groupthink."
~ Bruce Walker

The reason is that the ideology and philosophies which elites in academia and the media embrace cannot compete in the real world. So, they have to control liberty and freedom and attempt to suppress any dissent. That's the impetus behind political correctness and why so many in academia either deny or downplay PC. They don't want to be exposed. They are intellectual and moral cowards.

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