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Capitalism Institute - Why Did the South Secede?

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History is important. Through it we can understand our future, understand politics, understand economics, and understand almost everything a little better.

And that’s why having a proper understanding of historical events is important — having a warped view of history gives us a warped view of the present.

Of all of the misunderstood events in history, the American Civil War is probably the worst of the lot.

Most students believe that the South was fighting to keep all of the slaves in bondage, while the benevolent Yankees were fighting to free the slaves in captivity — nothing could be further from the truth.

History books are written by the victors. This simple-yet-powerful sentence explains why the “winners” of every war rarely are seen as the “bad guys” for quite some time after the war.

The winners get to rewrite the story to cast themselves as heroes whether they deserve it or not, and that story is going to be a powerful one. My intellectual hero — Richard Maybury — explained it in simple terms:


Free North Carolina


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