PoP's Southern Thangs: Calling all SONS and DAUGHTERS to the 9th Annual Sam Davis Youth Camp!


Calling all SONS and DAUGHTERS to the 9th Annual Sam Davis Youth Camp!

If the South should lose, it means that the history of the heroic struggle will be written by the enemy, that our youth will be trained by Northern school teachers, will be impressed by all of the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors and our maimed veterans as fit subjects for derision.
-- Major General Patrick Cleburne
Educated men are as much superior to uneducated men as the living to the dead.
-- Aristotle

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When and Where?

Virginia Camp: Sunday June 17th to Friday, June 22th, 2012 at SW Virginia Woodmen of the World Family Activity Center, 1336 Simmons Mill Rd, Thaxton, VA 24174. The deadline for applications is Monday, Jun 11, 2012.

Texas Camp: TBA

Why should your son or daughter attend the Sam Davis Youth Camp?

In a survey conducted by the Center for Survey Research and Analysis in 2000, 65% of college seniors failed to pass a high school equivalent American history test:

  • Only 23% correctly identified James Madison as the "Father of the Constitution." Yet, 98% knew that "Snoop Doggy Dog" is a rapper.
  • Just over half, 52% knew that George Washington's Farewell Address warned against establishing permanent alliances with foreign governments. Yet, 99% correctly identified Beavis & Butthead.

What to do?

Today, General Cleburne's words, quoted above, ring all too true. There is no question that the youth of today must run a terrible gauntlet, and that many are struck down along the way by one or more of the politically correct influences which flourish in our schools. Sometimes these youths are from the best homes, with strong families and religious training. With even the most conscientious parenting though, oftentimes in high school or college, even these best & brightest finally succumb to the liberal, politically correct view of history.

This summer, you can help turn the tide. For one week, our Southern young men and ladies (ages 12-20) will gather to hear the truths about the War for Southern Independence. This camp (named for the great young Confederate Sam Davis) will combine fun and recreation with thoughtful instruction in Southern history, the War Between the States, the theology of the South during the War, lessons on Southern heroes, examples of great men of the Faith, and for the first year, special programs and sessions for our Southern ladies!

This is the seventh year the Sons of Confederate Veterans has offered such a wonderful event for our sons and grandsons, and the second year we offer the program for our daughters and granddaughters. We urge you to take advantage of this great opportunity. It is our responsibility to teach our Southern history and culture to the future generations.

Need more details? Interested in becoming a counselor? Please contact:

Jack Marlar, 2161 Greenpond Rd., Fountain Inn, SC 29644, 864-862-3946

Click here to download an application.

Dixieland & The Sam Davis Youth Camp 2011

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