PoP's Southern Thangs: My birthday excursion........


My birthday excursion........ see my grandfather's words which were recently inscribed upon the back of the monument.

Whitehall Memorial Park Dedication Service 2008


February 3, 2012

Dennis Brock was a member of the SCV's Mechanized Cavalry
which were in attendance at the 2008 dedication above. He was killed in a motorcycle accident shortly thereafter.

Front of monument. Enlarge to see the remarkable history of this stone.

Back of the monument with my grandfather's words at the bottom.

Dixie with Dan Boyette who is the SCV's NC Division Chief of Staff. This was part of his property and he deeded it to the SCV, so that it would be taken care of forever, hopefully.

Dan said he recently installed a light in front of the monument which eerily shone upon it. The first night his neighbor called and asked him if he had put a light there and Dan told him no and inquired why he was asking. When his friend described the light, Dan said to him "Why don't you go down and check it out?" His friend quickly responded "Oh, no, I'm not going down there."

8 sons who served the Confederacy which beats my 7.:)

"The Seven Blackbirds" (My Graveyard)

Dan's house is almost a museum of the Confederacy!

Free North Carolina


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