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Happy New Year!

Invite Our Lord to join you on your path all through 2013, you will be blessed and a better person if you do.

Proverbs 3:5-6

5 - Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

6 - In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

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Some words of wisdom

How many of you find that you are easily drawn into someone else's argument about our heritage? Do they hit a nerve? Do they antagonize you? Are you preoccupied with something personal and simply lash out at whoever crosses your path? What is it that causes a knee jerk reaction in you and then respond in a way that does not reflect the Southern grace and dignity that we were all raised with? I see posts, comments and articles by Southerners that make me cringe because of the tone and words they choose to use. It truly doesn't matter what point they were trying to make, because they became entangled in the web so intrically spun by the Black Widow.

Stick to the facts. Have references ready so when they doubt what you say, which they will do, you have something to back yourself up. Don't resort to derogatory remarks about the north. TEACH, TEACH and TEACH some more. Above all else, use words and behavior that will reflect honor and respect for our heritage and those who came before us.

"Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels. And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful." ~ 2 Timothy 2:23-24 (NIV) ~

Jesus Christ, endured so much more than any of us have or ever will have to, yet He kept his grace and dignity through it all. He died on the cross for you and for me. Let each of us always remember what He did for us and maintain our dignity and composure when we speak and/or write.

Deo Vindice!!

Some words of wisdom from my Dear Sister,
Eileen Parker Zoellner


A Confederate CHRISTmas Elizabethton, Tennessee

SCV, Tennessee Confederate Flaggers and Southern Legal Resource Center, Memorial Service Green Hill Cemetery in Elizabethton, Tennessee, Dec. 15th. 2012. Making a stand for our Confederate heroes, flags and heritage. What have you done lately?


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North Carolina's Eastern Living Magazine

NC: C.S.S. Advance


No Escape

The nation is quickly coming to a place where there is no escape; the truism that as defined in the Constitution of the United States of America has no contradiction;" the South was well within its legal rights to separate itself from the broken contract forged with those of the North who opposed that separation". There are a lot bills that would come due payable to the people and region of the South, if the whole of the nation come to accept this fact.

Southern social and cultural genocide must take place because this is where the aforementioned idea festers and permeates into the thinking process of the citizenry. First break their spirit, (attack the one symbol that defines them as Southern); " the Confederate Battle Flag" ~ Brother H. K. Edgerton

Why did our ancestors fight

Why did our ancestors fight against Northern tyranny? I think the following quote sums it up as best as I have ever heard.

"No man volunteered to fight for the Confederacy who was not prompted to do so by the most natural and the most powerful incentives that can influence human conduct. Each and every of them felt that, whether personally responsible for bringing on the dreadful issue or not, in shouldering his gun to meet it, he was defending not only his heritage of liberty, but his home and property from the lawless hand of the invader, who sought to subjugate them to his will -- that he was obeying the first law of nature, and was therefore justified in the sight of God and man."

Hon. A.M. Waddell of Wilmington, formerly Lieutenant-Colonel, CSA.

(An Address Before the Association Army of Northern Virginia, October 28, 1887)



He Was Red All Along

by Al Benson Jr.

For literally decades we were told that Nelson Mandela was not a Communist, that this accusation was thrown at him only so the forces  of apartheid could stigmatize him before the world. We were told his only crime was wanting equal treatment for blacks in South Africa, that he was really a South African patriot--and on and on the usual drivel went.

Now, after South Africa has basically gone Communist (is there a lesson for the US here?) we are informed that Mandela was, after all, a Communist. What a surprise! Some of us knew this forty years ago. People like the John Birch Society were smeared as "Red baiters" for telling the truth that Mandela lied about. In an article by Colin Freeman and Jane Flanagan that was on appeared the following: "For decades, it was one of the most enduring disputes of South Africa's anti-apartheid  struggle. Was Nelson Mandela, the leader of the African National Congress, really a secret Communist, as the white-only government at the time alleged? ...Now nearly half a century after the court case  that made him the world's best-known prisoner of conscience, a new book claims that whatever the wider injustice perpetrated,  the apartheid-era prosecutors were indeed right on one question:  Mr. Mandela was a Communist Party member after all."

The article continues: "But research by a British historian, Professor Stephen Ellis, has unearthed fresh evidence that during his early years as an activist, Mr. Mandela did hold senior rank in the South African Communist Party, or SACP. He says Mr. Mandela joined the SACP to enlist the help of the Communist superpowers for the ANC's campaign of armed resistance to white rule."

Let's get one thing straight. If Mandela was a Communist then his first, primary concern was to further whatever agenda the Communist Party in his country put forward, not to help black people. Communists are noted the world over for using black people as cannon fodder in their "wars of resistance." So if Mandela was, indeed, Red, then his first loyalty was to the Party and not his people.

The British researcher, after noting Mandela's Party membership, goes on to talk about how "magnanimous" Mandela was to all South Africans. Communists are not magnanimous people. That doesn't fit into their agenda for world governance, which, contrary to popular opinion, they still have.

Just another case of the public, world-wide, being lied to by the media movers and shakers. What else is new?

War Crimes Against Southern Civilians

War Crimes Against Southern Civilians
By Walter Cisco
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This is the untold story of the Union's "hard war" against the people of the Confederacy. Styled the "Black Flag" campaign, it was agreed to by Lincoln in a council with his generals in 1864. Cisco reveals the shelling and burning of cities, systematic destruction of entire districts, mass arrests, forced expulsions, wholesale plundering of personal property, and even murder of civilians. Carefully researched largely from primary sources, this examination also gives full attention to the suffering of Black victims of Federal brutality.

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Call To Flagging!

Waynesville , North Carolina Dec. 17th Starts at 10:00a.m.

This will be at the Haywood Co. Courthouse, prior to the County Commisioners meeting at 5:30 p.m.

In attendance will be new SCV camp formed there, Kirk David Lyons of SLRC and also the Mechanized Unit of the SCV.

All that can show support from the TCF or any other's interested will be greatly appreciated.

Tennessee Flagging Coordinator:
Col Mike Shaffer (Doc)
Bristol, Tenn. 37620

Call To Flagging!


VMI General Orders May 11 - 14, 1863

Vulgarity OK Confederate Flag not!

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Tennessee Confederate Flaggers
Southern Books Flags and things.


Get the knowledge needed to stop "Those People" in their tracks!

We you buy from this store you support The Tennessee Confederate Flaggers.

This helps pay for hand-out flyers, flags and educational material.

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"Does the propriety of discussing the causes of the War Between the States belong exclusively to Northern writers and speakers? Did the South, when she laid down her arms, surrender the right to state in self-justification her reasons for taking them up? If not, I fail to see how it can be improper, when perpetuating the memory of the Confederate dead, at least to attempt to correct false and injurious representations of their aims and deeds and to hand down their achievements to posterity as worthy of honorable remembrance." ~ Robert Catlett Cave 1911


Belgium Confederates

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Hi Pop, very good Southern blog yo have. Even I'm from Belgium, I am interested in the Confederacy ,So you have a fan here in Europe , Do further this way man ! Greetings, Willie-Belgium
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