PoP's Southern Thangs: A Repeat Performance--After the Battle Flag Again


A Repeat Performance--After the Battle Flag Again

by Al Benson Jr.

Sounds like something most of us have heard before, many times before. The politically correct (cultural Marxists) want the Confederate battle flag at the State House in South Carolina taken down. Supposedly it was not flown at half staff when all other flags were to commemorate the shooting at the black church in Charleston and for that reason it deserves to be taken down.

But like the good Marxist they are, the people manipulating this situation are trying to kill two birds with one stone--a typical Marxist ploy--if you can push one agenda that hits two critical areas then you've made your day. So they look at this kid who did the shooting in the black church in Charleston. One thing I got off the Internet today said: "The gunman, according to information that's come out today, had a Confederate flag on his ornamental license plate and wore a jacket with the flags of Rhodesia and South Africa in the days of apartheid." I mean, after all, isn't that enough reason to ban all Confederate flags across the country right there? I caught an interesting comment about the flags of Rhodesia and South Africa on the kid's jacket last evening in the email. The man who commented (and he knows more about this kind of thing than I do,) said he wondered, if, looking at the flags on the kid's jacket, they might have been photoshopped. I mean, they wouldn't try to pull something like that on the public would they??? You better believe they would. Look what they did with Obama's "genuine" birth certificate a few years ago. An expert said the whole thing was photoshopped. And we're told the kid had a Confederate flag on his licence plate. Now there's the crime of the century right there! I see lots of Confederate flag license plates here in Louisiana but that doesn't mean all the people that have them on their cars and trucks are potential shooters or terrorists or "racists" or whatever else the politically correct infraction of the day happens to be this week.

So all the leftist outfits like the SPLC and the NAACP can rant about how horrible those nasty Confederate flags are and they can now demand that the one on South Carolina's state house be taken down. I hope the good people in South Carolina stand up to this cultural genocide and tell these cultural Marxists to stuff it! Years ago the NAACP and its leftist friends agreed to have the Battle Flag put in its present place at the State House in South Carolina in return for getting it off the flagpole at the capital. Now we are finding out that this was only step one in their agenda to completely remove it. Some of us knew that back in 2000 and said so, but lots of people who wanted to "be nice" to the leftists didn't want to believe that. They should have because that was their deal from day one and they have never deviated from that goal. I said, years ago, and also recently, that those people wanted our faces, our culture, and our flags in the mud with their jackboots standing atop them. That's their agenda for us, folks, get used to it, and quit giving them the "benefit of the doubt" because all they will do with that is to shove it down your throats with both hands.

So the Marxist crowd wants to be rid of our flags and symbols. They also want to be rid of our guns, and so their political shill in the White House is, yet again, calling for more gun control and will, no doubt, do whatever he thinks he can get away with to negate our Second Amendment rights, which are totally reprehensible to him and his friends. Look at it this way--it's lots easier for them to take down your symbols and flags if they already have your guns!

And so this one event in Charleston, and no one denies that it was a tragedy, will serve two purposes for the Marxist crowd if they can pull it off--gun control and Confederate flag control. These two agendas are what all the fuss is really about.

I've seen several columnists comment that all the kids involved in these shootings have been on some kind of psychotropic drugs. How much you want to bet this this angle of these situations will be completely ignored by our intrepid "news" media? That truth doesn't fit the "gun control/flag control" agenda so it will be ignored.

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