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Why did our ancestors fight

Why did our ancestors fight against Northern tyranny? I think the following quote sums it up as best as I have ever heard.

"No man volunteered to fight for the Confederacy who was not prompted to do so by the most natural and the most powerful incentives that can influence human conduct. Each and every of them felt that, whether personally responsible for bringing on the dreadful issue or not, in shouldering his gun to meet it, he was defending not only his heritage of liberty, but his home and property from the lawless hand of the invader, who sought to subjugate them to his will -- that he was obeying the first law of nature, and was therefore justified in the sight of God and man."

Hon. A.M. Waddell of Wilmington, formerly Lieutenant-Colonel, CSA.

(An Address Before the Association Army of Northern Virginia, October 28, 1887)



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