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Suggestion to consider removing Va. Confederate statues brings firestorm on council member


Below are just two that's on her list!

"I'm proud of our Southern heritage. So proud that it saddened me to see it reduced to two Confederate generals and the myth of the superiority of a proud, noble, slave-holding South, in which only a few held power." ~ Kristin Szakos

Kristin Szakos, Charlottesville, Va., city council member
Box 911, City Hall, Charlottesville, VA, 22902,

or call (434) 970-3113.

Satyendra Huja, Mayor
1502 Holly Road
Charlottesville, Virginia 22901
(434) 977-5094 home
(434) 981-8948 cell

Kathy Galvin, Council Member
(434) 970-3113.

Our Confederate monuments & cemeteries are, Fragile Legacies!

Preserving the Past for the Future

As Southron, it is our mission to preserve the name, honour and legacy of our Confederate heroes. Confederate monuments & cemeteries are among the greatest of our Southern treasures, and their protection must be foremost among our priorities. This mission should be especially dear to us, as these monuments & cemeteries are the only standing tribute to our past.

Please help preserve Dixie's treasures for the enjoyment of Her future generations. Once they are impacted or destroyed by "those people" they can never be restored to their original state; there is no going back....PoP


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