PoP's Southern Thangs: R.L Burnside and Kenny Brown


R.L Burnside and Kenny Brown

Good morning Brock, just wanted to say thanks for posting the RL Burnside clip, I don’t know if you are aware that Pam, Mayme and I know most all the Burnsides and RL was one of a kind may he RIP. We came to know all the great MS Bluesmen through Kenny Brown, who remains to this day one of the best friends that my family has. I have shared the stage with Kenny, and RL's grandson, at least 4 times and a host of other famous North MS Hill Country Bluesmen over the past 8 years. Been to their homes, ate with them, partied with them, you name it. Why I even went on a longhorn cattle round up, just Kenny Brown and myself....If you ever get the chance to watch "You See ME Laughing," I don’t think you will regret is a short clip featuring RL and Kenny, this was just before RL passed away maybe a year or so............ this shows how it is in Holly Springs and Potts Camp MS, how blacks and whites get fact this is where I first met Chuck Demastus who just lives up the road from Kenny....................



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