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Rawls and the MOC

Via Carl

There have been some excellent letters written to Director Rawls about what flags to fly. Mark Vogl's was one of them. Mark wisely wrote, "Sir, the Confederate naval ensign is a globally recognized symbol of the South. The value of its public relations presence is immeasurable." Marks observation is extremely practical in inarguable. The rest of his letter was just as excellent.

The Museum of the Confederacy is about a country that only existed during a time of warfare. The United States never recognized the national government of the Confederate States of America (CSA) or the national flags of the CSA. The flags they saw were the flags of the Confederate armies. It seems rather schizophrenic that a museum of the Confederacy does not seek to promote these flags or seek the counsel of the living sons and daughters of actual Confederate veterans.

Rawls has had a long and antagonistic relationship with the sons and grandsons of Confederate veterans as well as the organization known as The Sons of Confederate Veterans, and this dysfunctional relationship is not likely to improve. There is no compromise that we can make that will satisfy those who hate us and do not believe in the Cause for which our ancestors sacrificed their homes, their wealth and their lives.

A few years ago the SCV Virginia Division's Executive Council invited Rawls to meet with them and discuss the MOC. Rawls used profane language with us and showed us no respect. As a man he lacks the integrity, dignity and insight that is expected from a man in his position. It is clear that he does not respect in any manner the descendants of Confederate Veterans. He is not the first MOC director who has shown us this sucky attitude. I do not believe this condition is likely to improve or change in today's Marxist culture.

THE ANSWER IS for each SCV Division to have its own organizational office in EACH Confederate State, and have that office physically associated and connected to a Confederate Museum depicting the the history of the CSA and the war as it was fought in and as it affected that particular State. Without this we must just sit back and learn new ways to whine like of our reconstructed condition would indicate.

We must gain control of our cultural and political destiny and the opportunities that are still open to us. We must stop whining about what others say about us and do to us. To achieve this demands our serious and substantial commitment and funding by our national SCV organization and each SCV State Division. How about it? As THE descendants of our Confederacy we do not have to tolerate having yankee's, their carpetbagger agents and our own reconstructed scallywags controlling such matters as important as how the CSA will be represented and remembered in our own States ! We need some major big money to step forward in EACH State to get this project moving forward !

Always for true freedom and liberty.

Timothy D. Manning


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