PoP's Southern Thangs: The Iveys - Lady Made of Stone


The Iveys - Lady Made of Stone

Via Legal Insurrection

This link is for a young Texas group, The Ivey’s. “Lady Made of Stone” is the first video and single release for their new album. I’d spend a couple of paragraphs bragging on these kids, but their music speaks for itself. The music they write is wonderfully complex and multi-dimensional and allows us to do the storytelling. Our production company did the video (from storyboard to the final retouches) and we’re pretty darned proud of it.

Learn more about the band @ and us @

PS – As you can see from the credits even though we’re a very small
production company, this was a true family project. The band are our
cousins, my daughter wrote the storyboard, my sons worked as AP and grip
and my husband did his magic as jack of all trades from director to
camera to editing. The best thing about small business in America is
being able to watch your kids grow and develop their own talents. Not
bad for a bunch of farm and ranch kids from Texas.


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