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Texas PatCom 2012 was a wild ride to say the least, I would like to personally thank TX Bugman and his sidekick Roger for the great chow he worked his ass off to cook for us, top-notch BBQ that could only have been made at the hand a few good old southern men.

Hat tip to all of those that donated cash and raffle items, a mighty thank you from the bottom of my heart, to Pete from WRSA that sent the last-minute donations, thanks brother. Pick dog you were very generous with your donations as well. I have another surprise that I can’t let out of the bag just yet, let’s just say there are some big survivalist boys that are going to get schooled, yes the MASTER has decided to take to the interwebs.

“Master Yoda” and I are meeting tonight to work out some of the details. I must admit after the last person left on Sunday, I felt as if there was an emptiness in my heart, I had the distinct pleasure and honor to spend some damn good quality time with fellow like-minded patriots. I can’t describe how the event change my life, I am invigorated and re-energized to help my fellow patriots further the cause.

The fellowship I experienced during the first Texas PatCom 2012 was incredible, I would also like to thank James for staying an additional day to help me put my place back together and break bread with me and my family one last time. I will not get into any great details until the others have had time to de-brief.

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