PoP's Southern Thangs: “Why Two North Carolina Commemorative Websites?”


“Why Two North Carolina Commemorative Websites?”

The Raleigh News & Observer recently reported this story on two competing websites commemorating the War Between the States in North Carolina: The privately-funded North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial, and the NC Archives & History-produced site North Carolina Civil War Sesquicentennial.


I have been following the discussion regarding the two website commemorations, and saw on author Michael Hardy’s blog his comment about the makeup NC Department of Archives & History’s sesquicentennial team. He is right to question this – it is all state employees and contrary to a recent Raleigh News & Observer article about it being inclusive, it seems to include only state employees. Even the academic board is state employees, if they work for the state university system. I have always been a strong supporter of Archives and History and the artifacts and documents in their care, but this is a glaring question about the professional integrity of a state agency supported by tax dollars.

What bothers me is that the N&O article dismisses the people behind the competing “War Between the States” website ( as amateur historians, and it looks like their commission is made up of private citizens (they claim to be privately-funded) from across the state – I dare say they are the ones paying the salaries of the state employees who ridicule their view of history. I would also argue that inclusion also means including all views, not just the private views of state employees.

What say you?


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