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The Real Domestic Terrorists

Those who support States rights, constitutional government, and the right of secession are now commonly called by the ruling elite right-wing extremists and potential domestic terrorists. We traditional Southerners are indeed familiar with this game. Had the term been around then, our ancestors - from Washington and Jefferson to Lee and Davis - would have been called domestic terrorists by the Brits and Yankees, respectively. As it was, they were simply called "traitors." We reject the use of both terms for ourselves and for our forebears. Instead, we can make a good case that the real threats to domestic peace and quiet are on the other side. And yet we continue to pay them tribute and allow them to rule over us.

Who They Are?

The real domestic terrorists were (and are) those who oppose ordered Christian liberty and the worldview which upholds it. Indeed, Abe Lincoln and his minions have sired a long line of domestic terrorists, including most recently George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama (and all who aid them in their misrule). We might throw the larger part of Congress into the mix as well.

Most of what the U.S. government does is beyond the bounds of its constitutional limitations. That makes it unlawful. That which is unlawful ultimately terrorizes society. Jefferson told us that the fundamental law of the land should be viewed as chains to bind a singularly dangerous beast (the general government). For a while the beast was successfully bound; however, he slipped his chains for good in 1865 and our republic of republics was lost. Today, we live under a strange combination of socialism and fascism that would surely please a Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, or Mao as much as it would disgust our Founders.

How we came to this point is fairly clear - there was a slow and steady revolution, and most Americans were asleep while it patiently worked its way through virtually every institution in the land. Some of our fellow subjects still don't realize what has transpired. But they soon will.

Things were bad under Bush II. But because he and the GOP masqueraded as "conservatives," most Americans thought all was well. But as a famous Alabamian once said, there's not a dime's worth of difference between the two major political parties. And he was right. Bush I or Clinton; Bush II or Obama - the rhetoric may differ but the results are still the same: bigger, more intrusive, and lawless central government and less liberty and prosperity for the rest of us. Now, what little we have left in terms of liberty and property is being taken from us openly without any meaningful resistance on our part.

An Organized Criminal Enterprise

That the U.S. government is an organized criminal enterprise cannot be doubted by anyone who has kept abreast of the on-going, broad-open-daylight effort to loot the country's wealth.

From Free North Carolina


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