PoP's Southern Thangs: NC LS Winter 2012 Conference and Nathaniel Macon Institute, Burlington, February 11.


NC LS Winter 2012 Conference and Nathaniel Macon Institute, Burlington, February 11.

“Sir…I owe no allegiance to any men or set of men on earth, save only to the State of North Carolina, and, so far as she has parted with her sovereignty, to the United States of America.” --Judge William Gaston

“Goals, Outcomes, Expectations – NC LS 2012”

11AM-3PM, Allred Banquet Room, K&W Cafeteria, Burlington, NC.

Our Winter 2012 Conference will feature two interactive Chapter planning sessions led by Dr. Tom Minsel, Nathaniel Macon Institute Director. Join us in these discussions on activities and goals to help guide NC LS efforts in 2012 and offer your thoughts and viewpoint. How do we reach more North Carolinians with our message for political liberty and independence -- realistically influence political decisions – and increase NC LS membership?

The K&W Cafeteria is located right off I-40/85 Exit 143 at Burlington, the Allred Banquet Room is in the rear of the Main Dining Room. For more information, email

“While GM denies that it intends to cut back or abandon its American operations, its 1997 Annual Report offers a somewhat different story. Inside the front cover, the report’s theme is splashed across three pages: “Go common. Go lean & fast. Go global. Go for growth. GM is going everywhere.” Well, perhaps not everywhere.

The Annual Report discusses new GM plants in China (Vice President Gore, true to his campaign donors, attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the plant, which will begin production by the end of this year), Argentina, Brazil, Poland, and Thailand. No new plants are planned for the United States.

While Pablo Lopez Perez, a worker at GM’s truck assembly plant in Silao, Mexico says, “I like to think there’s work enough for everyone,” is it any wonder that American workers don’t trust GM when it argues that new factories in lower-wage countries don’t pose a threat to their jobs?”

(Scott P. Richert, Chronicles Magazine, September 1998, page 7)

From Free North Carolina


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