PoP's Southern Thangs: Contract and Promise" to Honor the Grounds of the Confederate Memorial Park


Contract and Promise" to Honor the Grounds of the Confederate Memorial Park

Via Carl

These Old Boys are Getting Firing Instructions on Blasting the Walls of the VMFA. It seems that the VMFA failed to Honor their "Contract and Promise" to Honor the Grounds of the Confederate Memorial Park of the R. E. Lee Camp, when Governor Pollard on Bended Knees - "Begged for a Grant Deed from the Lee Camp, to Secure Valued Land of the Soldiers' Home" for the Virginia Arts Association new "Barton Payne Collection". The Lee Camp Members wanting to Protect the Grounds of the Soldiers' Home with "Confederate Memory Projects" Contractually Secured Promises that the Grounds would "Forever be Remembered as a Confederate Memorial Park". And, Yes - that included the grounds the Museum acquired with the "Grant Deed".

Of course many are beginning to understand, It's these Old Boys who made possible the Land "Grant Deed" to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, but In Exchange for that "Grant Deed" - The Museum Promised to Always Promote Confederate History. The Question for the VMFA - "Have they Lived up to the Promise, by Encroaching on the Confederate Memorial Park? Have they Lived up to their Promise to Maintain Confederate History with the "Forced Removal of the Flags at the Chapel"? Have the VMFA Lived up to their Promise with the Placement of Extreme Incongruent and Out of Place Modern Art Stuatory - that should have been Memorial Statuory of Confederates"? Did the Museum Live up to the Promise by Chasing Out of the Confederate Home for Women, Daughters of the Confederate Veterans? Have the Board of Directors Adhered to a Contractual Promise of Placing Confederate Art, specifically in one of the Rooms of the Museum? And, Did the Museum Live Up to Their Promises, when they "RENAMED" the R. E. Lee Camp Soldiers' Home to the Robinson House? Encroachment, Land Grabbing, Disrepect, and Duress in Contractual Issues have to be Dealt with by the Citizens of the South. This Type of Behavior cannot be Tolerated.

These Boys would Surely fire this Cannon at the Wall of the VMFA Museum, if they were Aware that the Museum Under a Vote of their Board of Directors had "Forced" the Lee-Jackson Camp No. 1 to Sign a Lease to the Chapel - "Without Flags", or the Lee Camp would Not have been able to Lease the Chapel. The Museum had already recruited people to show the Chapel that were not part of the SCV Effort to Intrepret the Confederate History of the Soldiers' Home. The Museum Simply Wanted the SCV out of the Museum, and If a Refusal to Sign the "No Flags Lease", Door Locks would Have been Changed, and the SCV Lee-Jackson Camp "Evicted". The Lease was Signed "UNDER DURESS" to Continue the Process of Interpreting Confederate History of the Soldiers at the Soldiers' Home, and the History of the famed R. E. Lee Camp No. 1 C.V. and S.C.V. - the First SONS Camp.

Today, the Commonwealth of Virginia has a Law in Place to Protect "War Memorials" and Especially the altering or Removal of Flags from those Memorials. The Liberal Yankee's at the VMFA could Care Less about the Laws Honoring War Memorials, as they Forced the Removal of the Flags from the Exterior of the Chapel - with an Ultimatium of their Board of Directors: "No Confederate Flags on the Chapel". Although, We Can't Fire that Cannon at the VMFA, We Can Sign a Petition for the Museum to "Return the Flags" to the Exterior of the Chapel. After you Sign the Petition, Please Pass the Petition along to Your Wall and Select Other Face Book Friends to "Fire for Effect". Give them a Blast they Won't Forget.

FIRE FOR EFFECT - Discharge this Charleston Cannon, by Signing the Petition. This Cannon First Fired some of the First Shots in the Second War of Our Independence, and You Now Have an Opportunity to Join the Cause:


Free North Carolina


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