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AA, BA & MA in Historic Preservation

Interested in turning an old tobacco barn into a "man cave"? You can learn how this spring at Edgecombe Community College.

In response to local demand, the college has developed several new courses in the historic preservation trades program, including "Preservation of Farm Structures" on March 17-18 and March 24-25.

Kevin Wilson, owner of Timberfab in Tarboro, will teach methods of preserving historic dependency buildings, like tobacco barns and other barns. Benjamin Curran, historic preservation instructor at ECC, is co-teaching the class. Students will visit several nearby structures and work on various ways of stabilizing the buildings.

"Preservation of Farm Structures" is among 13 weekend historic preservation trades courses that will be offered on the Tarboro campus this spring.

In addition to a certificate that can be obtained through six weekend classes, a one-year diploma and a two-year degree also are available. Several of the weekend classes provide credit toward the diploma or degree in historic preservation.

Edgecombe is one of only five community colleges in the nation that offers a program in historic preservation and the only one in North Carolina.

Hands-on training is what sets Edgecombe's program apart, says Monika Fleming, program chair. "There are a couple of public universities that offer a bachelor's or master's degree, but they don't do the hands-on trades training that we do."

Curran also will instruct a new class in "Millwork," which will teach students how to make and repair molding, frames, and mantels for historic homes. The class will be limited to eight students; dates are to be determined.

Another new class is "Chair Caning," which will be taught over six evenings beginning in late February.

Historic preservation trades classes scheduled this spring are:

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