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Occupier on the Lee Statue Vandalism

Via Douglas

He needs his head straightened.

Sara Michel Tansey is right. There was a one-day vote on mistaking vandalism for violence, pretty much only agreed to so those needing education could get it later and we could hurry up with the march.

And in this case, there wasn't even vandalism. Anything against the shameful statue is civic improvement. It should be commended. I plan on buying a trophy for anyone charged with this act of civic improvement.

Think of it like pulling a weed from the grass at a park. Sure, you're technically killing a plant at a park. But only idiots think you're making the park worse.

Same here, only racists or traitors think that statue should even remain. Props to anyone "improving" this. Improve it like the Berlin Wall was improved, first with spray paint, then more effectively.

I don't think anyone from Occupy would equate 'Occupy' with 'The South' in the analogy, it has it backwards. But as this was likely a teabagger, I will honor even them, as there is nothing you can do to this statue that isn't an improvement. Other than cleaning it...
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