PoP's Southern Thangs: Jan 13 Ed Bearss 1862 Valley Campaign


Jan 13 Ed Bearss 1862 Valley Campaign

The best book I've read on this is Stonewall Jackson's Valley Campaign, Shenandoah 1862 by Peter Cozzens



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We all are awaiting the arrival of Ed Bearss for his words on the 1862 War in the Valley. The loyal Confederates confront and attack the hapless Federal armies and make a legend of General Thomas Jackson in the Valley. Ed will lead us through the major events. Bearss has what might best be called a battlefield voice, a kind of booming growl, like an ancient wax-cylinder record amplified to full volume—about the way you'd imagine Teddy Roosevelt charging up San Juan Hill.

Jan 13 Ed Bearss 1862 Valley Campaign, Feb 23 Antietam Discussion, March 27 Randy Watkins Petersburg, April 26 Sam Craghead Shenandoah, May 24 Donny Taylor Bentonville, June 28 Chris Grimes NC River forts

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