PoP's Southern Thangs: Caesar's Motorcade In Virginia


Caesar's Motorcade In Virginia

One small glimmer of hope I would like to pass on to my fellow Southerners and Southern nationalists today comes in the form of a short video an anonymous Virginian posted on YouTube. I do not know the person or what he believes. He may just be a mainstream Republican who wanted to signal his opposition to Obama. But the manner in which he did so gives me hope. He used our flag – the symbol of our people and culture – to publicly defy Obama. In the below video a massive caravan of security forces can be seen passing through rural Virginia. This was Obama’s motorcade. Notice the over-top security. It would seem as though a modern day Julius Caesar is passing through the hinterlands of Gaul. The person shooting the video stands by the road holding a Confederate flag. This is the sort of defiance we need to encourage. Obama is not one of us. He and the government he leads daily oppose our interests.

Reforming DC is impossible. Resistance is necessary. This is the simple message we can spread throughout the South. And the symbol of our defiance to the Feds should be the most recognisable symbol of the Southern people – our battle flag. It turns off exactly the right people and excites exactly the right people. If a Leftist, Federal-firster, a Yankee retiree or a van full of illegal aliens drives through a neighbourhood and spots several Confederate flag they knows they are not in friendly territory (this is a great way to help save your neighbourhood, by the way, by keeping the wrong people out). On the other hand, if a Southerner walks into a bar and sees a Confederate flag on the wall he knows he’s amongst friends and with his own kind. Every time a Southerner rides through his neighbourhood and sees Confederate flags it registers (if unconsciously) that he is home. While our flag is the perfect symbol of who and what we are, Obama is the perfect symbol of all that we oppose, even if as far as policy he is no worse than most of the rest of the politicians and bureaucrats in DC. Whoever follows him will likely disgust Southerners as well, but (especially if a moderate, pro-Empire Republican like Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney gets in the White House) perhaps not with the same intensity as with Obama. This is a golden opportunity we have for another year, possibly five more. Let’s make the most of it!

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