PoP's Southern Thangs: Week 7 of flagging the VMFA


Week 7 of flagging the VMFA

Today marked the 7th week of flagging the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the grand opening of “Mummy – Secrets of the Tomb” at the museum. The crowds were large, especially in the afternoon, and we had the opportunity to speak with more people than ever. In fact, often several of us were engaged with different folks at the same time! Response was overwhelming positive, with most people we talked to in favor of returning the flags.

First time flaggers Brian Atkins and Douglas Whitehair drove in from Hadensville and received a warm welcome!

It was a busy week for us, with a new blog post on Monday, which led to a TV interview Tuesday and much publicity for our efforts! Eight flaggers came out today and flags were flying in the breeze for all to see! The weather was a bit chilly, but did not deter those who were standing for our ancestors and our flag!

Nine year old Virginia flagger Grace Lewis shares a flagging story here.

Our cause is gaining momentum, but we need to keep up the pressure,
PLEASE…call (804) 340-1500,
email: director@ (without the space),
or write: Alex Nyerges, Director
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
200 N. Boulevard
Richmond VA 23220-4007,
and tell theVMFA to return the flags to the Pelham Chapel, and if you are able, join us on the Boulevard!

Contact Susan Hathaway vaflagger@ (without the space) for more information.


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